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2000 points - Gobbos. Thoughts?

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I have a couple of games coming up for WHFB and I'd like to make a decent accounting of myself.
Opponents are:
Skaven - with a raft of Rats, a warp lightning cannon and a hell pit abomination
Ogres - with cannon guys and a fair number of bodies
Empire - a few knights, swordsmen and greatswordsmen, at least 1 cannon and an organ gun
Orks & goblins - horde of black ork immortulz

anyway, here it is:
2000 points:

Gobbo Great Shaman (lv3) on Arachnarok with spider shrine 475 points

NGobbo shaman (lv 1) 50 points
NGobbo shaman (lv 1) 50 points

Black Ork big boss 148 points
War boar, Heavy armor, Sword of Striking, Dawnstone

Gobbo big boss 70 points
BSB - Banner of Eternal Flame

40 NGobbos 200 points
Full command, spears, 2x fanatics

40 NGobbos 200 points
Full command, spears, 2x fanatics

Snagla Grobspit 115 points
15x Deff creepers 240 points
full command, short bows

Arachnarok 320 points
Spider shrine

Mangler squig 65 points
Mangler squig 65 points

1998 points total

The primary formation is the spider shrine in the center of the line flanked with the two NGobbo blocks. Each block has a Ngobbo shaman for the spider shrine bonus. The black ork hangs out with one of the gobbo units along with the BSB.

Flinger Arachnarok is on one side or the other, and can either run not far from Snagla or hang back and slow down things that are going to hurt. Mangler squigs go after high armor targets, small shooting units, or weaker units with a high model count to whittle them down.

mainly this army is set up to receive charges while the spiders go out and hunt down war machines and other shooty units.

Read more: http://thetyranidhiv...7#ixzz1ZAa1nyBm