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2400 tourny list

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    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

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  • Army Name:Borock Nut stomper
Thought I'd start this see if any one has any tips on how best use a giant. Ive got a 2.4k list sorted which is as below and was wondering how i can use my giant in this. Obviously stay away from shooters, take out shooters with something else and let the giant go to town. anything else? Black orc warboss + pig + talisman of protection + enchanted shield + crown of command Savage orc shaman level 3 Goblin big boss + BSB + spider banner + short bow + shield Night goblin shaman + level2 + dispell scroll + terrorfying mask of eee!! 33 orc big unz + command + shields + war banner + additional weapons 36 night goblins + 2 x fanatics + netters + short bows + musician 28 Black orcs + std + musician + shields + banner of swiftness 5 savage orc boar boyz + musician + additional hand weapons 2 speak chukkas + 1 extra bully for one of them Mangler squigs 4 river trolls Giant + war paint My bsb will be with the short bow unit (along with the gobbo shaman) to give them poisned shots and alot of them, shoudl get few sneaky wounds from that unit and anyone who want to try charging them will have couple lunatics to go through then the unit has numbers, poison, nets and cause terror to equal things up abit. (would really look forward to someone charging that unit...few suprises...they will no doubt guess the fanatics but then the nets will hopefully make them weak, the terror make hardly any hits hit if they fail leadership hopefully and i will just poision them ) The shaman if he gets the spell will boost the units poison as well so auto wound on 5+, thats going to be nearly 30 shots first turn so with auto wounds on 5 or even 6 should kill something surely general with the black orcs just running round smashing things, variety of weapons means they are more versatile to destroy different types of units Orc shaman in with the big unz. nowt sepacial there jsut zap and attack boar boyz and trolls going for warmachines with quigs and giant going for whatever they can squish really I should mention, units cant be more than 400 points or more than 40 models. these are the rules from the tourny im making this list for