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A strange Orc Army

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Evening y'all!

I'm a massive fan of Kings of War and I pitched in on the Kings of War kickstarter a few months ago. This morning my first part of the kickstarter rewards arrived - 1000 KoW points of Mantic Orcs. This consists of:

1 Krudger on Gore / Warboss on Boar
1 Flagger / 1 Battle standard bearer
1 Shaman
60 Ax Orcs / 60 Orc boyz w/Axe & shield
20 Greatax / 20 Orcs w/great weapons
10 Morax / 10 Orcs w/2 hand weapons
20 Gore Riders / 20 Boar Boyz
Dozens of Orclings / snotlings (there's 2-3 per sprue, and a 3 Orcs per sprue)

This is purely a side project. My main projects at the moment are 40k Orks and an all-mounted Kingdom of men army for Kings of War. If I'm painting these guys then they need to be truly speed painted so I've gone for flat colours + wash. Here are my two test models:

Posted Image

Paints are:
Sprayed Humbrol dark brown
Skin: Goblin Green
Metal: Boltgun Metal
Bone: Bleached bone
Blue: Vallejo Prussian Blue
Extra brown: P3 Bloodtracker brown
White: P3 Morrow White

All of them were covered in a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone (equivalent to Devlan Mud).

I reckon I could easily get these down to a 10-15 models per hour which suits me fine.

I'm now waiting for a warbase order so I can base them up properly. In KoW you don't remove models as the unit takes casualties. Instead the unit acts very much like a single multi-wound creature in Warhammer Fantasy. Sounds strange if you're coming from a WHF background, but it works really well in the game. One of the advantages of this is that you can put whole units on a single base and not have to worry about movement trays. Warbases conveniently sells complete regiment bases that include random circular cut-outs that are specifically the right size for Mantic minis.

This will be a very slow burning project log...



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First off, great paint work. Your recipe looks simple enough to get lots of models finished quickly and it's effective enough to look good close-up. I've been looking at Mantic's Orcs for a while. Do you think they're the right size to interface well with common conversion bits (Kromlech, Maxmini, PupptesWar, etc.) and/or GW bits?
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    Stainless Steel Skull

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Woah, activity!! I was thinking of changing the green to a more muted version, so I'm playing around with various shades plus wash to see what other combinations there are. They definitely are quick to pump out - maybe 20-30 in a couple of hours? Sadly the Mantic Orcs aren't compatible with other ranges. They've got completely different anatomy than the generally accepted GW anatomy. Much closer to the Lord of the Rings Orcs really.