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You and da Black Orc's Roll Call

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Welcome to Black Orcs' Roll Call forum! This is The Waaagh's forum for sharing your Orc and Goblins army lists. :thumbs

When posting army lists here please be mindful to not post the point costs of specific models, magic items or character/unit upgrades. These costs are an integral part of making an O&G army and it can be assumed most folks already know what costs what. There is no need to share them. :nono Sharing the total amount of points for a unit or character is permissable.

Army lists that contain point costs will be edited to comply with the above standard. Members who insist on posting point costs will be dealt with extreme prejudice by the HQ. :sowhat

For more rules about posting on the-WAAAGH.com's fourms click 'ere: http://www.the-waaag...showtopic=18570

Happy posting! :biggrin
Col. Vyvyan Gitsplitta da Uber Plunderer 'n Da Very Metal Boyz: Da Free Boot'n'est Free Booterz dat eva Free Boot'd!!!
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