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Yellow woes

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    Bag Squig

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How do I paint yellow better? When I started on this forum last summer, I painted a troop of boyz yellow but they didn't turn out so hot. I used instructions I got on here but ehhhh they aren't exactly my proudest models...I love em anyway but I'm wondering what I can do to make em better. If anyone wants I can post photos on the thread.
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You're posting this in the Gobbo's forge... are you wanting yellow for 40K boyz or a unit of Fantasy Orcs? Either way, the new paints offer a lot of possibilities. One is to start with Averland Sunset, and work your way up with layers and the Casandora Yellow Shade. Another alternative is to paint the part in question Ceramite White, and then wash it with Casandora Yellow... that really works well and it is fast.
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    Puffball Fungus

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You could prime them white.
Then paint a layer of Ushabti Bone.
Highlight with White Scar.
Wash with Lamenters Yellow Glaze.
Tidy up with highlights of White Scar.
I used it to paint up a Lamenter beakie...
Posted Image
Posted Image
Hope that helps!



    Puffball Fungus

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Here are 2 videos I made on yellow.

Hope they help!
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