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Some basic necromunda questions!

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Hello all, im just starting Necromunda with a group of friends, and we have some basic questions, here goes: 1.When starting a gang and rolling for experience, do your Gangers get to make skill ability roles for going up an exp bracket? Or do i make an ability role for every bracket they would have gone up if they started at 0 This seems wrong, but i dont know how to do it so, figured id ask you guys.



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You're right, this is indeed wrong. The starting level for gangers is 20+D6. You don't even get a skill roll for adding the D6 result onto the initial 20 exp. It is assumed that the levels that went before simply improved the gangers in an all-round way, improving their BS, WS and Ld. Considering a Juve gets 4 advances when reaching ganger level, this isn't bad. I know some Necromunda players seem to think Juves are vastly superior, but imo one simply cannot underestimate the massive difference BS and WS 3 makes, plus extra Ld, that is only 3 stat advances rather than 4, but its ones you actually want. Plus, imagine if advances were factored in, imagine how sick it would be giving your leader and Heavies 8 initial advancements. That's so wrong it's unreal! :lol So yeah, you don't get advances below your starting bracket, and there is no way to advance without playing at least one game, unless you make your own campaign rules. Don't worry about asking questions. Post away and hopefully I (or someone else) should be able to answer them for you.