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Pigments on the Cheap

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While this might not be new to some, I'd wager it will be useful to a quite a few folks, especially if you are just getting into weathering with pigments.

There is an alternative to pricey commercial pigments called chalk pastels. Before Mig made pigments in handy pots, chalk pastels were the way to go. From a cost perspective, there are still great reasons to use pastels for weathering.

I'm a huge fan of Prismacolor's Nupastel hard chalk pastels. Not only are you looking at close to $1/stick, you gain a huge variety of colors. Additionally, they don't get wonky when put into solution or fixed & act just like the pre-ground commercial stuff for your standard uses.

-To get started, all you need is some Nupastels & a hobby knife:
Attached File  tut1.jpg   29.88KB   6 downloads

-Next, you want to gently pull the blade of your knife back over the flat side of the pastel in the direction indicated by the arrow. Be careful not to dig into the pastel because you will get larger chunks in with the powdery pigment & chunks iz bad!
Attached File  tut2.jpg   20.69KB   7 downloads
-After some careful scraping, you will have a bit of powdery pigment to work with:
Attached File  tut3.jpg   22.18KB   11 downloads

-Color-wise, this is close to what you could find in a commercial pigment & it has a similar consistency:
Attached File  tut4.jpg   26.8KB   10 downloadsAttached File  tut5.jpg   21.37KB   14 downloads

So hopefully this saves you a bit of cash and lets you run wild corroding your Stompaz with things like 'Nid spit:
Attached File  Brust.JPG   86.94KB   33 downloads



    telescoping arm

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While this might not be new to some,
There is an alternative to pricey commercial pigments called chalk pastels.

you know you can buy alot of powdered pigments at the local masonary supply store ask for motar dye. it works well for me.

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