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Goblins v Ogres advice needed

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After the mauling my dark elves took against pro elves, I'm gonna give my gobbos a run out. So I have a game vs an ogre team My goblins are brand new, so can still change my lineup but I was gonna go for 2xTroll = 220 10xGob = 400 1xBomb = 40 (to try and get him enough SPP to get a double for hail mary pass, fire and rehire if he doesn't get a double) 4xRR = 240 That's a total of 900tv vs the 1250 of the ogres. What's the thoughts on inducements - initially I had thought of 3 bribes basic and then inducing Nobbla + 1babe or Fungus+2 babes. But now I'm thinking of maybe taking the halfling chef+1 bribe. He has 3 rerolls total and if I could get one or two of them away from him then he's gonna be stuck with a lot of boneheaded ogres! Also a possibility to drop one of my rerolls and use the saved money on another bribe or another goblin. Since I've never played against ogres before, anyone got any thoughts?
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stick him with the chef. He's got a lot of rolls to make as an ogre team, taking away those re-rolls would be a great place to start.
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Ogres aren't as strong as feared. When I do play them the try and take out the players behind them. This makes them need 4+ for bonehead rolls. :thumbs worked for me!
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