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Shooting Skills

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Do the Skills, Fast shot, Gun Fighter, and Rapid Fire stack ? I thought they did bud I have met someone who said they don't. Is there any definitive answer?



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Luckily I still have my Answer Mod FAQ:

Q: What shooting skills stack with each other? [2005]
A: The following shooting skills can be used together: Hip Shooting, Fast Shot, and Gunfighter. Fast Shot and Rapid
Fire do not stack, even if the fighter is stationary. For obvious reasons Hip Shooting and Rapid Fire do not stack. In
addition, each shot is taken one at a time and not altogether. This means that if a weapon runs out of ammunition or
explodes then you lose the remaining shots. Also, if you are using Gunfighter and Rapid Fire and the first shot
explodes and pins you then you will not get to use the remaining shots since you were pinned.

Q: I understand that the Shooting Skill Fastshot cannot stack with the Shooting Skill Rapid Fire, but that Shooting Skill
Fastshot CAN stack with the Shooting Skill Gunfighter, how is this resolved? [2005]

A: This situation would yield one shot per pistol per Attack Characteristic. Remember that to use the Shooting Skill
Gunfighter you must only be armed with pistols and CCWs. An example is a fighter armed with a Bolt Pistol and Auto
Pistol, Shooting Skills Gunfighter and Fast Shot, and an Attack Characteristic of 3 would get three shots with the Bolt
Pistol and three shots with the Auto Pistol. Each shot is worked out one at a time.

Hopefully that solves if for you. Let me know if there's any other issues.


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Thanks that makes allot of sense.