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Show us yo'r threads

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    'Ead Graft

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Right- I have had the idea for a while but I thought about "Why not post up your colour schemes for your Orks?"
So here you can post up your colour schemes so we can also play as your clan or just kick your clan in with our own boyz ;)

Well here is mine-

"Keg'z Tek 'Eadz"
Primary- R=84 G=185 B=255

Secondry- R=220 G=190 B=143

Trim- R=148 G=1 B=11

Weapon- R=253 G=205 B=0

Trim2- R=255 G=0 B=0

The badge- "Grim"
Banner- "Deathskulls"

Now get posting your own
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da weedy grot

da weedy grot


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Ok my games in German but I'll just say the numbers starting with the top color (I guess the main one...) R 87 G 100 B 56 Numba two going down the color circles-secondary R134 G211 B83 Numba 3 Trim R 103 G 194 B 89 Numba 4 Weaponz R 84 G 203 B 71 And last but not least Trim2 R 101 G 194 B 58 Badge: snake banner snake Army name 'da Snakebitez' cheers and sorry for the lateness
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M4D 800YZ R00LZ!

M4D 800YZ R00LZ!


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Can't remember the numbers but it'z all black, wiv yellow eyes and a custom Hello Kitty badge and banner. Name: DA HELLO KITTY STOMPAZ! :choppa :choppa :choppa :choppa :choppa
De only gudd beaky iz a dead beaky, or even betta a dyin' beakie wot tellz ya were iz matez iz.

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how do you make custom badges??? thnx :dakka
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Boss Gorthank

Boss Gorthank

    Rutted Gob Busta

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how do you make custom badges???
thnx :dakka

Very simple: make a picture with your custom badge, find a folder named Badges (I think it was that, I haven't rummaged through the DoW directory in a long while) and insert your custom badge pic there.



    Loota Boy

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Tho' I don't play DoW, I'd be interested to see what colour schemes people have come up with - any chance of some pics/screen-shots?
"The Orks are the Pinnacle of Creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We panzee who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn? And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and dismiss it as crude."

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