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Need help deciding clan (pictures of first warboss)

- - - - - Clan Warboss Ork Help

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    Puffball Fungus

  • Grotz
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Hey guys! Im new to orks in the 40k world, and i just finished building my first warboss!
The problem is, im unsure what clan im going with.. do i want a rich bad moon? Or a clan that has stolen, i mean borrowed everything in their path? Or a clan thays just DA BIGGUST AND DA STRONGUS OF DA URKS!

What clan do you guys think this fella looks like he belongs in?
Thank you!

And ofcourse the painting is still WIP since i dont know what clan he is yet ;)
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    Slugga Boy

  • Boyz
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  • Army Name:Waaagh! Gar'un Mek-Klaw!
Looks perfect for a deffskull to me.
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    Magnetic Arm

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Looks like a dedd 'ard goff to me.

Moe Dakka

Moe Dakka

    Grot Slave

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Goff all the way.


Beautiful conversion, btw




  • Grotz
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  • Army Name:Still working on that one

He look like a Big Goff Boss to me


And very cool conversion, the best i have seen so far with that model in my opinion (never liked that skull on the shoulder for a 40k version)

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    Flash Git

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That's pretty badass. Easy to see him as a goff, but there's no reason why you couldn't do another (more interesting!) clan. Perhaps its because the studio orruks are yellow, but i can see him as a bad moon.
"Parry the 6!"




  • Blood Axez
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Goff to me too...nothing looted to be a deffskull, nothing shiny to be a bad moon, nothing camo/umie to be a blood axe...so Goff!!

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