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Stable Pix Blog?

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Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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Cheers Garslag, the steambuggy (don't know if you had a look at Doks' linky in post #269 but it shows the donor vehicle - it's well worth a look) accepted paint quite well - not having to figure out where I wanted stuff or paint the driver probably helped :biggrin


Yeah, I think the Meks' head probs did come off the kommando nob looking at the pix - it is metal.


Good luck with the itty bitty squig sculpt.


EDIT:  Just went back and looked again at the buggies alongside the Megajet Skrapthingy.  It really is kinda insane how much dakka the new buggies are carrying, isn't it.

I went rummaging today trying to clear some space and found (apart from another three part built kanz) a pack of fish'ed frisbees or, more importantly, their bases :thumbs

(Really not much for squigs leaping into the air off perambulating mushrooms - at least a transparent rod up their bum should be a little bit less conspicuous :? ).


The buggies do seem to be a bit Swiss Army Knife, anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weaponry but presumeably all expected to shoot at a single target or mob so half the dakka is less than optimal every time it shoots :?

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    Flash Git

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I did have a look, yeah.  That tractor was not at all what I expected.  It's a really remarkable kitbash in my opinion, DokNuk should be well pleased with his handiwork.


Haven't really seen these squigs you're talking about.  Once there was a time when I could justify the outlay on buying kits to get a few squigs - but the price keeps going up and it's all a little prohibitive these days :(

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