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orc team booster?

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Any news on when this will drop and what's going to be inside?


The obvious 2x black orcs and 2x blitzers would be nice, even if they are just two of the same sculpt (so to keep the twin appearence!)


the orcland raiders team look cool...might even try to find half a pack so I can have some variation in the team...

modelling: my completely completed stuff

gaming: 1850 mech blood axes list updated

fluff: what being blood axes is all about
looting other races: tautechmarines (other site thread)



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Is this out? I think I remember seeing somewhere that it should be out by the end of the year, but maybe I'm thinking about something else. Orcland raiders team looks sweet indeed.



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I know the Skaven Booster is out. The drip feed of releases for Specialist Games is pathetically slow.