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Character Contest 2017 - Davy Jones

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armored walker

armored walker

    squig attack arm

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Aka Da Flying Duchman from the Pirates of Caribbean.


"You can do nothing without this key!"






Old Microart's greatcoat body, Maxmini head, Spellcrow sword & right hand, the green stuff is Greenstuff.


Finished pics:












*edited to show pics again*


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Armored walkers are Slow and Purposefull.

Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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Nice job! Hope to be able to give you a bit of competition but I'm not going to screw myself by putting a date on it :blush

Mad Grot Docsnik

Mad Grot Docsnik

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I really want to comment but I'm not sure we're supposed to be commenting yet....

Orks -- comic relief in the grim darkness of the far future.

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    Loots from da Lootaz

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Truly an outstanding piece.


Build: 10 Smooth, clean sculpting. So much detail not just on the figure but the base as well.


Paint: 10 The different tones in the coat between cloth & shell. Tones in the claw and face & peg leg all are quite convincing, I especially like the contrast in the shells with the blues &  oranges. They really stand out against the darker colors.


Likeness: 9.99999999987821 Looking at some pictures online, it seems that the key is was held out on the other side (though maybe in the move it was held out on his left) You did get the claw arm & peg leg on the correct sides though.


Creativity: 10 All the work that went into the coat and base really bring the whole thing to life. Having the key even more so.  One thing about the character that was struck me was his lack to nostrils due to the octopus. That and just how fierce he was. Both those aspects show through in your work.


Thanks for participating!

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