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500 point new list

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  • Grotz
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So basically I've been playing 40k for a few months now. And by some weird accident I wanted to play WHFB. So a friend lent me his BRB and Orc & Gobs book. So I cooked up this list small list. Basically since my 40k only consists of Boyz my FB list should only be Boyz. :thumbs Heroes: Orc Bigboss on a Warboar, Great Weapon and Shield = 77 Core: 20 Orc Boyz with Shields, Boyz boss, Standard Bearer and a musician = 125 10 Arrer Boyz = 70 Special Units: 5 Boar Boyz with Spears and Shields, Boar Boss, Standard Bearer and a musician = 135 Orc Boar Chariot with extra crew = 90 (Not sure, but I like the model) Total: 497
Da Squigz uv Gork (1000 points) 15/4/7
Oi! Did yer see that? Them uvver greenskins is askin' fer trouble! Pullin' faces, shoutin' rude insults, hurlin' dung! They deserve a good bashin'!

My Warboss single-handedly krumped a Carnifex!
"Ooo, that 'fing looks big and killy. Let's see how 'ard it really iz!"