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New army help

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So, first of all, I am completely new to Warhammer. A friend and I decided we'd start it up. He's going with dorfs, and I of course chose orcs. He bought his battalion box already, but i've been kinda waiting. Seeing as i'm completely new, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions? Should I buy the battalion+ extras? Or just buy specifics? I'd appreciate any help, the more specific the better. Heck, i'd take a complete army list. My current budget is about 170 USD (nearly two battalion boxes worth.) Seeing as I haven't started yet, I have no favored playstyle. I'll come into that later, I just wanted a good starting point for crushin dorfs. Thanks!

Worboss Skrewakka

Worboss Skrewakka


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my 2 cents. Battalion Shaman box Warboss Box Book Magic Cards from there, you'll know what you want after a few test games.
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