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Army on display from last tournament. [Orkimedez]

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    Shoota Boy

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Hi guys,

Quite unsure where to post this.

I was in a local tournament yesterday and took a pic of my army that I wanted to share.
Hope you like it.
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Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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Working on the assumption that constructive criticism is better than 'no comment' - I can make out that you've got six warbikes just to the left of bottom centre, looks like three mek gunz running up behind them, far left you've got some foot sloggers, possibly a nobz mob with Waaaaghbanna above them, a trukk behind them, an aircraft in the centre with some deffkoptaz(?) below and left of it, a squiggoth to the right surrounded by more foot sloggers, a Zhardsnark based bikerboss, some nobz(?) back to the right of him, a wagon, three more bikes with three figures in front of them, one of which might be a warboss :?

Problem is that I'm having to guess at almost all of them because you've got them spread out over too great an area to be able to show them in any sort of detail in the pik.

You've got figures far out at bottom right and bottom left, above them in the picture I can see a huge swathe of floor and empty board - it's very clean and tidy.


Hopefully this isn't coming across as harsh but there's an awful lot of that picture that isn't orks and the bits that are orks are too small to be able to make any realistic comment on. 


Ideally when taking a photo of that nature you want the minis close enough together to be able to get them all in the smallest area possible without them overlapping each other so that in the pik you've got maximum ork and minimum 'not ork'.


They do look good on the table :thumbs