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Askari Legion Boys/Nobs/Flash Gits/Yoofs

- - - - - Askari Legion Boyz Nobs Flash Gits Yoofs

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Mad Grot Docsnik

Mad Grot Docsnik

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They do look awesome. The fezs are well done and the gray looks appropriately military.
How was it to use procreate? I've never tried it. Mostly I'm wondering whether it's as sticky as GS or as unsticky as milliput?
And when you say old, how long has it been on your shelf? I've had sticks of milliput last 5 or 6 years with no ill effects.
Orks -- comic relief in the grim darkness of the far future.

"Unfortunately, there is no way of enforcing a rule that sigs should be genuinely witty or profound." -- Oddballz.

A wise grot knowz da roolz of Da Waaagh and obeyz dem.

Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe

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Much preferring the look of the grey fez's over the red unz which for some reason don't work for me at all :?



    Tankbusta Boy

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@Mad Grot Docsnik, I guess Procreate is in between Greenstuff and Milliput. Not sure how old the Procreate is. At least 5-8 years.


@Badfang Brassaxe, I am liking the grey a lot too. The 13th SS Mountain Division (Handschar) made up of Bosnian Muslims, used maroon in parade and grey fez in the field. The German Askari from WWI used khaki (yellowish) in the field, see pics below.


If I was really clever, I would make decals for the fez to simulate some badge device or sew on, but I am uncertain as I feel it would not work.


Just to clarify, these pics are to get ideas of colors for a fantasy space game, not implying support for organizations. Plus Orks are the freedom faction in 40K. Freeeeeedom!


From http://www.lead-adve...p?topic=63974.0



From: Collectors Militaria



Ostensibly from here: ZB37 machineguns


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