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Gitmob - Blackclaw Wolfboyz (1000pts)

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Mek Kargob

Mek Kargob

    Syringe Squig

  • Grotz
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  • Location:Warrington, UK
  • Army Name:Kargob's Turbo Gitz

Wolf-heavy list. Flea-bitten wolf-humpers reporting in.



Goblin (Grot?) Warboss on Great Wolf w/ Git Slicer and shield - (60pts)
Grot Shaman on Great Wolf - (80pts)

10 x Grot Wolf Riders w/ spears and shields - (200 pts)
10 x Grot Wolf Riders w/ spears and shields - (200pts)
5 x Grot Wolf Riders w/ bows - (100pts)
5 x Grot Wolf Riders w/ bows - (100pts)

Grot Rock Lobber - (100pts)

2 x Grot Wolf Chariots - (80pts)
6 x Nasty Skulkers - (80pts)



Not sure if I should switch out the Skulkers and Lobber and go full-wolf or not. I'm currently going through converting some riders with Fenrisian Wolves, but I'd like to see if there's any alternatives for my Leaders. Would Thunderwolves look too massive and comedic for their actual footprint? Is there anything else?

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