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codex comparison

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Mik McMok the Mek

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Finally.. got the new Orc and Goblin codex and pleasantly surprised, (apart from the magic items which has almost disappeared) So i thought i'll check and see just how much better the new codex is, points wise. I have yet to battle with it so it will be a while yet before i can judge that part of it. So i put all my models together and with the new codex it comes to about 2700 basic or 3000pts with upgrades and magic items banners ect for bosses. it includes a giant ,6 trolls, 2 spear chukkas, 2 rock lobbas, a wolf chariot (3 gobbos and 3 wolves) , Grimgor Ironhide, Savage orc shaman lvl 2 converted froma weirdboy, 5 night goblin shaman lvl 1, 2 units of 42 Night goblin spearmen with spear sheild full commands and 3 fanatics each, night goblin bigboss with Bad moon banner, Forest goblin big boss on gigantic spider with poison banner, 20 spiderriders with bows (full commands with all units btw) 10 Black Orc Immortalz , think thats about it. All told, at the cheapest cost without additional magic orupgrades, the new codex comes out 50 points cheaper (enough for netters for one unit of NGs ) Ive yet to see what it would cost with all magic and upgrades, certainly the Giant is better with warpaint, the trolls are way cheaper for the upgrades. Spiderriders sadly arestill really expensive, but its now much more viable to have more orcs and Biguns upgrades are a bargain! Love the new pump wagon upgrades and some of the new heroes and bosses look interesting. I could perhaps make the Savage orc shaman into the lvl 4 wizard charachter and my forest goblin Bigboss into the names hero option for this also. Ovbiously, still so much awesome stuff to collect but as you can tell by the fact that ive just got the codex, it may be some time before i get the wonderous new megaspider or pump wagons or more squigs in the army. Though i am glad to see that you can now take heaps of spearchukkas so i will be busy making up more of those.

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