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The Waaaaaagh is coming!

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Warboss Gromsnik

Warboss Gromsnik

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  • Grotz
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Hey guys I'm new to the green ranks and am looking for assistance. Through various means I've acquired a good number of models 2 goblin chariots 3 goblin shamans 2 goblin heroes 4 orc heroes one savage one on boar 25 boys 29 savage boys 1 boar chariot 40 night goblins 20 NG archers 3 fanatics 10 black orcs 8 spider riders One arak 2 spear Chuckas 1 doom diver one rock lobba 2 mangler squigs Any assistance with what I should run and how would be greatly appreciated I'll b playing games from 500 to 2000 thanks so much guys lookin forward to runnin with the big boys

eastern barbarian

eastern barbarian

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  • Blood Axez
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you got very good base for different ways of playing orks there mate, but you still need few extra bits, depending on army list you goi g to choose. Got your basic artillery sorted, 2 manglers also there , black orc unit needs topping up if you are going to use them at all, decent amount of night goblins and fantacis is already there, you could do with an orc shaman or one sort or another and perhaps topping up savage orcs boysz with another 5-10 as they are amazing in the horde. Good to see some chariots although one more wolf chariot would be great as they are best taken in threes.