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New to O&G 2500 for fun list

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Worboss Skrewakka

Worboss Skrewakka


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Hey Gitz! gota 2500 list 'ere for yea's. What you fink? Hey man, made an orc list, what you think? Warboss on boar-244 +3 attacks Enchanted shield 5+ward Init Potion (going with savage orc boars) Lvl4 orc sham-280 4++ Helm of command (going with 40 boyz) Orc Big boss on charriot - 167 Dawnstone (re-roll armor) Spear (flyin solo) Night Goblin Big Boss - 104 Bsb Badmoon banner Light armor Shield (40 boyz) Goblin sham - 135 lvl 2 dispel scroll 5++ (60 goblins) 40 Boys - 315 Command Extra Hand Weapon 20 Boys - 175 Command Hand 20 Night Archers - 70 Muso 20 Night Archers - 70 Muso 60 Night Goblin Spears - 300 3 Fanatics Nets 10 Savage Boar Big 'Uns - 320 Command Extra Hand Weapon Terror Banner Boar Chariot - 85 Spear Chukka - 35 Giant - 200 It's just for fun, really it's more of a "Make sure It's not illegal and REALLY dumb kinda thing. Thanks guys, jeff
My record wif da boyz



eastern barbarian

eastern barbarian

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well, not a bad list overall, but i could suggest couple of little changes ;)