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2000-ish orc list

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el seed

el seed

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Ok, I am not new to WHFB but I have not played much 8th...however 8th plus the new orc book have inspired me to become re-engaged with the game and the green skins! Prior to this, I almost always ran a Night Goblin list. Is risky and fun and surprised a great number of people on just how 'hurty' that army could be. Having said that, I am just crazy about the new orc ideas and so I have been a painting but not playing maniac. This is just my average list that I will bring to games and will take to a tourney (or some version of it) soon. ORC Warboss - Sword of striking first, silvered armor ORC BSB - talisman of ward save v. warmachines Leading 38 Orc Biguns with add hand weapon w/cmnd 30 orc arrer boyz with cmnd 50 night goblin spears, 2 fanatics, nets, cmnd 40 night golbin short bows, 2 fanatics, nets, cmnd 2 orc chariots 1 rock lobba 1 doom diver 2 bolt throwers 2 lvl: 2 NG shamans 1 Lvl: 2 Orc shaman 1 dispel scroll this is around 2100 points...so any suggestions for moving it to 2250? Any suggestions in general? I am concerned about lack of light cav and only two somewhat HTH centered units. Although the arrer boyz at 30 can be a little rough and the 40 NG archers can be trouble due to nets and fanatics. I had a recent fight with High Elves and won by a small victory thanks in advance.