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Boss Snikrot (First ever Ork!)

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So, I finally got enough cash saved up to start on my new Blood Axe force.  I got a few boxes all put together and primed, but I couldn't contain myself and decided to start with Snikrot.  I have always loved this miniature and was super psyched to paint him up :D  I think he turned out okay.  After years of not painting, and this being my first ever painted Ork, I'd say its definitely passes for TTQ, which is honestly all I'm going for with this army.  Can't blister my fingers over details when I've got over 100 boyz to paint :P Anyway, my only question is whether or not I should put the backpack on him or not.  It's a great piece of gear for him to have and very fluffy, but I think he looks a bit more sneaky and killy without it.  Thoughts?  The pictures came out a bit dark, but I don't have a good light setup so these will have to do. C&C welcome!











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"Um, boss? If we'z green, an' da trees iz green, wot we applyin' dis 'ere green camo for?"

                         "Lissen ya git, ya jus' answered yer own question. Why do ya fink da 'oomies paint everyfing green out 'ere?"

"Because... da 'oomies iz pink?"

                         "Right! So if we don' make ourselfs green, den we can't be sneeky!"

"But boss... we iz green."

                         "I know we'z green! We just put on camo! See, dis 'ere iz why I do all the plannin. Now shut yer gob and lets get ta killin."

"Right... you'z da boss..."


-Conversation between two Ork Kommandos intercepted at Listening Post Alpha Four Alpha, Sector Seven, Equitorial Jungle of Armageddon





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I love the mini myself, he aint half bad in the game either!


I like what you have done with him, I have the back pack on my mini, but saying that I think yours looks fine without.


He does look a bit more covert without the back pack.

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