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Mangler Squig Ideas

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    Puffball Fungus

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Got any ideas on how to make a model. They sound pretty powerful and a good warboss always has some squigs up his sleeve :lol



    Da Big Red Cybork Cyboss

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The ones that I have seen that impress me the most are conversions from the older cold ones, those dark elf mounts. Their scales are similar to a bigger squig, so that works well. You have to cut down the whole front of the cold one and make a big face and mouth. I did a google image search, you should be able to find some good pics that way.

Mekboy Wee Dakka

Mekboy Wee Dakka

    Flash Git

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It's not the size of your dakka, it's wot you do with it.

Kaptun Krum

Kaptun Krum

    Arbork Kaptun

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There is also a place on ebay that has a great model for a mangler squig based off the squig rider from warhammer online. I thought about getting it, but decided not to and I'm going to go with a razodon and salamander being herded along by forest gobbos as my manglers.
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jack da greenskin

jack da greenskin

    Loota Boy

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I've been thinking about using the shelob model for my spider cult army, but that's very specific :L
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