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Idea for a new main Character

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I've recently made a Demonic Staff for a Chaos Magus by useing a Tomb Kings Standard Plastic Skeliton Torso, Head and arms in the end of a writhing staff. I was going to give it the following propeties, Greater Deamon with: Bound, Flight, Magical Force, Lashing, Entrance, Magic Absorption. I was thinking, Why can't I have this Deamonic weapon as my leader :? I've been doing a bit of fluff to justify it and so far I've come up with this: A Magus trying to capture a Greater Deamon of Slannesh to steal his power but he cocks it up and miscasts the binding spell so while the deamon is trapped inside the staff it's will was not, this means that whom ever holds the staff is Controlled by the deamon. Rules wise I'd start with warping the Entrance and Mind Stealer rules a bit by saying, when the current bearer dies, the weapon comes up for grabs again and emits a faint sparkle or glow that makes every one that can see it have to pass a will power test against the deamons, if they fail they must move towards it and pick it up, if their willpower is all ready lower that the deamons they are taken over and I play them as I would one of my characters, if their will power is higher, they must pass another WP test (Still against the Deamons WP) every turn to try and drop it or they lose 1D6 willpower every failed test and with a WP of over 100 that shouldn't take very long. At this point the deamons WP, I, Sg is then used but all physical characteristics and unchanged. This will also mean I can do something I have never had the chance to do, Play with total dissreguard for the characters physical and mental well being, :thumbs This could also open up a really fun grab the Staff campagn with one side trying to destroy it and the other coverting it's power, but with most characters WP being less than 100 it could get any one. (Any one remember the Golden Gun Multiplayer in Goldeneye on the N64?) Even though I've chosen Slannesh for the deamon the rules could be picked to suit any of the gods or undevided, I just have a soft spot for the prince, (and Nurgle but I've all ready got a Nurgle Magus so there) I'll try to get some pics of the Staff I've done all ready up some time monday. Love to know what you think.
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I remember a Slaaneesh abnd on the Specialist Games Website, can't remember wha tit came udne,r somethign aobut a campaign, but a similair idea was placed in a Daemonic weapon. Sounds good, I'd be interested to see how you work it model wise. It would be good though, a Guardsmen rushes in to destroy the thing on behalf of his Inquisitorial Master, only to come under its control himself.
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i think some charictors will be able to resist the deamon wiv skill or equiptment tho eg some 1 wiv pentagramic wards will that half the stats off this weapon wiv it not been completly bound and ppl wiv word off the emporer could they hurt it or stop it taking over and also u have psychic powers such as sanctury and banish deamon how will this stuff affect the staff this would realy be stuff for a gm to think up but if uyou make the campain its you who would be gm but sounds like a good idea