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Orks help

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Gurge Da Scurge

Gurge Da Scurge


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to the boyz i need help finding out what inquisitor is all about and need info can orks be in it, where do i buy the models and what is it all about panzee sacrafice count now numbers two :choppa :choppa



    Ban Stikk Target

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You could try reading some of the threads in this section - there's a few on orks...

Check here Specialist Games: Inquisitor Website for more information - you can download rules articles and even the Rulebook (in two parts) from the site for nothing.

No Orks though - and expect a complicated game - because it's basically an RPG.

Now get some reading in...



    Rutted Gob Busta

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you can involve orks. you'll just need house rules that are accepted by the GM. might be overpowered with a few of them, I'd suggest using one as a battle focus/objective/NPC..
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There are no stock models for Inq Orkz though, but both myself, grishgrub and gorfrag have made our own, check the Mek's Garage klassiks for more info.
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