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Final Battle

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Well, rather unfortunately in our last campaign, one of our members fell ill halfway through and we were unable to keep going. In the meantime, we've been playing games of Inquisitor. My warband, led by Inquisitor Dimitri, have been searching for the group of cultists calling themselves the Kiarski. They eventually discovered them beneath ground, through mid ritual trying to summon a Daemon Prince.
In his usual stealthy way, Dimitri broke down the door and rushed in guns blazing. The cultists were either killed or captured. However, the heretic Inquisitor Syark rushed in to complete the ritual. However, he was stopped by the acolyte Darla, and the ritual was successfully prevented. Syark fled the scene, his followers with him. Unfortunately for them though, the Inquisitor had previously discovered his ship and had it destroyed.
Now the heretic and the Inquisitor are moving to leave the planet. Unfortunately, there's only one ship left, and they're both moving for it.

The sounds of continuous beeping annoyed Inquisitor Dimitri. The Servitors had not left them alone ever since he'd announced he was leaving. The Magos has insisted that they allow him to expect the ship for damage. This had delayed him for longer than he'd of liked, and not even his Inquisitorial Seal had forced the thing away until Garokar had taken his sword to him. Now it was vital they left.
Opposite him, Gorakar was making the ifnal adjustments to the console in the cockpit. Karsia and Darla had already slipped into their seats, but he could feel somethign was wrong, and he held the bar above him tightly until his knuckles went white. Something was defintely not right.

Syark crept across the hanger, the Daemonhost Joustious hovering just above him. The sword trembled in its sheath, and he knew he had to get out of here fast. Nodding to the others, he sprinted across the hangar out into the open, his eyes constantly scanning for threats. He never noticed the Magos heading in the same direction as he until he ran straight into it.
Turning, the Magos barely had time to shout before the weapon flew into its masters hand and severed the Magos head from his shoulders. However, his approach was not as quiet as he'd have hoped, and Dimitri turned, seeing them immediatly.
Evacuating the ship, the Inquisitors warband turned on their opponents. The two factions circled one another, drawing their weapons as they did. For a moment, no one moved. Then, all hell broke loose.

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sweet narrative battlereport for inquisitor, i hope i get to play one day :P (made a charakter and everything)
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