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Me Rogue Trader warband

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My lords It has come to my attention that a Rogue Trader by the name of Solar Bartius has been sighted in your system. Should he be discovered, he must be captured and an Inquisitor contacted immediately. Solar is a man above the law, having been born to a wealthy family on the rekulus system. Upon the time of the Ork invasion, High Lord Bartius was killed when his own office caved in on him. Solar immediately inherited the family fortune and stole the warrants of trade, allowing him to use the family starship to travel and mingle with Xenos. By the time he’d reached his first non-Imperial world, Inquisitor Tiberius had found him. The Inquisitor, a puritan and renowned swordsman, demanded a confession from the rogue Trader. The arguments went to and forth and eventually came to blows. Tiberius sent Solar limping, and was in pursuit almost instantly. Six weeks later, his head was found by a fisherman. Solar is known as a smuggler and thief, trading with xenos frequently. He is known to be a tall, powerfully built man always showing off his wealth with fancy robes and digi weapon rings. He also has a particularly elegant power sword passed down to him by his father. Solar’s most recent sighting was at your system. Inquisitor Jack was dispatched to check on a Grox farm to discover that goods were being smuggled in with them. Solar was discovered, and fled the scene before the Inquisitor could arrest him. He is presently seeking him out now. Should this man be sighted, he must be brought in, as he is a danger to the Imperium and its citizens. Upon the discovery of Inquisitor Tiberius head, inquiries by two of his closest friends and colleagues revealed it was a straight out fight, no backstabbing or deception. Tiberius was a renowned swordsman, so his attacker possessed incredible skill. Recently, I have uncovered to who I believe is the murderer. In the company of Solar Bartius is an panzee warrior. He was originally described to me by a bartender as “the strangest man he’d yet to lay eyes.” Apparently a head taller than most men, with pale skin and long black hair and pointed ears. Draped in a leather jacket and carrying a curved red diresword containing the spiritstone of his lover to whom he killed in an argument. This warriors name is Gazale, an panzee Pirate Prince originated from the craftworld of Siann Hann. He left after the death of his lover at the age 272 years, and was abducted by a pirate fleet. Immediately recognising the young ones potential, the fleets master took him on as a pirate, but he quickly ascended through the ranks and became second in command. Then, at the age of 567 years, the fleet was attacked by Tyranids. All were killed, except for Gazale, who slew Tyranid after Tyranid until he was eventually backed into a corner, faced by infinite hordes of beasts; he vowed to slay them until he fell. However, he was saved at last moment by the firepower of a small ship belonging to Solar Bartius. Gazale swallowed his pride and vowed to serve solar until he repaid the debt he owed. Since the he has fought by the mans side as his personal bodyguard, not even an insect will bite the trader before he is severed into tiny pieces by Gazale. Another man in the employment of Solar Bartius is the desperado Yatziah. Originated from the Hiveworld Necromondua,he was caught stealing a large amount of credits from his fellow Van Saar. He was saved narrowly by a skilled panzee warrior who slew any man who came to close and cut apart any incoming fire with ease. Yatziah is a gunfighter with exception skill and a bigheaded show off. He’s not afraid to get into arguments with his bosses xeno clients, which as often got him into trouble with Solar, whose temper is short and his sword dangerous. The desperado enjoys his work, often aiming to kill as slowly and as painfully as possible, from a distance preferably. He has a set of bionic lungs after he nearly drowned in a toxic pool back on Necromondua in battle with the house of Delaque. This has allowed him to wade through the deadliest gas infected areas with minimal injury, which has also caused the Imperium several problems with the loss of exotic and alien equipment.
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