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First Ork Army List

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The Grim Reefer

The Grim Reefer

    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

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  • Army Name:Waaagh Gruxrot
Hi there,

So I've almost finished painting my Ork collection and have put together a 2000 point list using nearly all my models. Would appreciate any advice on tactics or changes. I'd be happy to spend a bit more cash on a few new units to improve as aware it may not be super competitive. Fun and the look of the army is more important. Really don't want to paint another 60 Boyz. I also have a Painboy and 3 Deffkoptas. Deathskulls is the clan by the way.

Warboss - PK, Kustom Shoota, Attack Squig
Weirdboy (Da Jump)

30 Shoota Boyz inc. Nob with PK
30 Choppa Boyz inc. Nob with PK
30 Choppa Boyz inc. Nob with PK
10 Gretchin
10 Gretchin

10 Tankbustas, 2 Bomb Squigs
Trukk with Big Shoota
15 Kommandos inc. Nob with PK and 2 Burnas

8 Lootas
4 Killa Kans with Rokkits
Deff dread with Skorcha and 3 Claws

Big Mek with KFF

4 Kannons
Kustom Mega Kannon
Kustom Mega Kannon

So the Grots sit on objectives or screen depending on the mission. Lootas and Kannons sit back with KFF protection. Everything else goes forward. Shootas are jumped turn one to kill anti-tank infantry. Kommandos pop up to do similar. Deff Dread is there to take the heat off the Kannons in terms of opponents anti tank. And the Kans look good while eating up a big chunk of points. Warboss runs around shouting Waaagh!

I'd really appreciate your thoughts and input.
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