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BMTK starts BFG

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big mek tank krusha

big mek tank krusha

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right, so i decided I'm going to start a BFG army, as there're two people at gaming club who play it already, and it looks like fun. decided (naturally) that orks get my vote for which army to use. haven't a clue what the rules are like, and i'd like to get building! had a look through kroozas dimensions on one of these posts, and decided to build myself a killkrooza, just ecause it seemed like a good average sized ship. however i'd like to build a basic fleet so i can try the game system out, and don't really know what makes a good, basic fleet, so if anyone can tell me what would make a good basis, i'll work from there. I'll post pictures of my build tomorrow (hopefully). never worked in this small scale before. i might end up (as i seem to say about everything) making the smaller ones castable to save time. -edit- where do i find the rules for kroozers e.t.c... - they're not on the xenos PDF, it's just battleships, hulks, roks, killkroozas and a list of the points for kroozers, but not stats. am i missing something?


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your going to need the basic rule book for the rules on kroozers etc... and the armada book for roks space hulks etc.. oh and brute ram ships are worth there points in gold mate, just point them at the enemy and push the red button.

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