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SW: Armageddon campaign changes, need comments.

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The Northern Ork

The Northern Ork


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Hey everyone, reving up at my gaming shop to start a SW:Armageddon campaign and wanted to make some minor tweaks and changes to the system, and also might want your two teef on the subject and maybe more ideas for a better playthrough.


So first change: 100pts used in between games. Since even with a promethium caches some teams wont be able to add ''normal'' squadmates (nids or grey knights mainly). We were thinking of letting the players save up the 100pts they get normally between matches, but once you start spending it its gone, So lets say you spend 245 for a grey knight once youve saved up two games plus one cache.. you lose the other 65pts. Keeping the max one promethium spent... is it also a good idea or should we let players spend as many promethiums as they want? Since they're just gonna be that more off from winning the campaign anyway?


Second Change: Since its always hard to get all the players together all the time or even getting them to play theyre right number of games, we give players a minimum of games to play, lets say 6. Once these games are played, they could play on but without earning any more promethiums caches but letting them use the 100pts to gear up or get new squaddies. So that would let the more casual players come in and play their games one shot even with someone who alreay put in his games. Do we let the player whose past his six games still LVL up one guy per game? That player might become a power team. But its Armageddon.... might is right??? 


So those are pretty much the big changes. What you think? Should we add more? Whats your take on it?


Thanks in advance


My Two Teef



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    GuildBoss Skabnoze

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As a long-time player of Necromunda, I think the hiring/purchasing rules they put into Shadow War are pretty stupid to be honest.  The restrictions add nothing at all to the game, and they just serve to hinder some of the kill-teams.


My first house-rule for any campaigns we run here is to change the hiring/purchasing rules so that you can spend the 100 points you get after the game on anything that you are normally allowed to purchase (picking either new recruits or equipment for existing guys is dumb).  In addition, we are going to allow people to keep the points that they do not spend - with zero restrictions on it when they choose to finally spend it.  This was how Necromunda, GorkaMorka, and Mordheim worked - and it was simple to track and handle.


The requirement to either hire new guys or buy equipment only serves to punish kill-teams with inexpensive models, like Orks.  I see zero reason why I should not be able to purchase a Yoof with a weapon and also something like armor for the leader, a red-dot sight for a Spanner, or a shoota for someone.  Making purchases like that after the game does not hurt anyone.  If they require someone to only buy one or the other then you can just get around that by purchasing extra equipment for the new hire and then trading it to another team member.


The restriction that any points not spend are lost just hurts the kill-teams with expensive models (who do not have any work-around).  Those kill teams have trouble adding new members or replacing lost members. I really don't mind if a Chaos Beakies, Tyrannids, or Grey Knights kill team adds members at 1 every 2 games.  Forcing them to spend the Prometheum Caches just to replace lost squad members really hurts those teams.


Your second idea sounds fine, but bear in mind that 6 games in a week is a lot.  Someone could theoretically win the campaign in the first week if they won all 6 games and rolled high for how many caches they gained.

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Campaign wise I would change a few things up myself.


I think players should be allowed to hold on to any points they have not spent after a game including left over change.


In regards to players playing games and the campaigns end I would make the following changes.

Play the campaign to a set time and not to a set amount of promethium, so pla for 6 weeks and who ever has the most at the end wins.


Restrict players to playing at max six games a week, make it so they can only play the same player twice.

This way when they do meet up to play a game they have time for two if they wish, but no more.

Nothing stopping 4 players getting to gether and gettign 4 games in an evening.


I would suggest you have a set evening in the week for the group to meet up and play, but also allow players to meet up outside of this gaming evening.

in regards to players who could not get a game in, well thats just how the cookie crumbles in my eyes. If you can put a couple of hours in for at least one game a week you should not be signing yourself up to play in any gaming campaign.


This is the reason I dont playing in RPG groups any more, its not that I dont want to its more a case of my work does not allow me to have a set evening off consistently which is not fair on other players.


I think your best bet to get players ready for a campaign would be to have one evening a week for at least two weeks before hand where you do a hobby night getting folks into the habit of having said day set aside for the campaign but also to show who is consistent at showing up and help motivate folks into getting their teams ready.


Folk are more likely to want to turn up for a campaign if they already have showed up for the last two weeks and made their kill team for it.


Thems me two teef on how I would run it.

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