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is my list good

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da noob

da noob


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warboss with mega armour power klaw and da lucky stikk

big mek with a power klaw and killsaw and mega armour and kustum force field and da fixer uper

mad dok grotsnik




6 units of 10 boyz in tukks with boss nobs with power klaws




5 meganobz with killsaws dedicated transpord is a battelwagon with 4 rokkit launchas and grot rigers


heavy support


3 skwads of 3 mek gunz(max gretchin) 6 with kustom mega canons and three traktor canon





    Steel Teef

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I would max out your units of boyz to 12 in each trukk.

Are they slugga choppa boyz or shoota boyz?

May the Enemies blood on your choppa never dry or your welding torch grow cold!


Ork Tactics by Laughterofthegods






    Warbike Boy

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This is kind of a weird suggestion, but if you are having trouble keeping your trukks alive, you could consider putting that Big Mek on a Bike and leaving him out by his lonesome.  The bike base is reasonably big and you should be able to get quite a fe of your vehicles in that bubble.  


Of course if you are not having trouble keeping them alive on turn 1, you should ignore that suggestion.

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The Northern Ork

The Northern Ork


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I like it!


Maybe drop one unit to give em all Heavy armor. Last longer in fights.


Same question as above, shoota boys or slugga boys in the trukks?


The idea of the big mek on bike is actually really good, and you could just ride him behind the BW and keep him out of sight anyway, you cant kill what you cant see... or almost (damn fisheadz). And with his PK you can still use him as a special rocket for nme vehicules when you get the chance, like damn panzee tanks and the likes. Hard to get awway from a rushing bike PK.


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