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MegaNob walkthrough

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Last post now guys, thanks for all the interest. First of all, here's the model from the template with the undercoats on. Finished_Meganob_002.jpg As per a previous request, I don't have a pic with a Barry, or a comparison with a traditional MA nob, but here's one of them both with one of the beakies from the intro table at my local. Finished_Meganob_003.jpg To satisfy those interested, here is the pink one... Don't give me too much grief, it's for breast cancer charity event run at my local club, at least it's a one-eyed ded 'ard nob, even if he is pink... Finished_Meganob_001.jpg Finished_Meganob_006.jpg jpg] Thanks guys, appreciate the comments and crits, I won't be adding anymore to this thread, cos as far as I'm concerened, he's done, bar the rest of the paint, which obviously no-one needs my help with, cos I'm relatively pants at it.




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Great stuff dude!!! :thumbs This will help me tremendously, whenever I get around to build my own mega-nobs. As a side-note, please KEEP that pink guy pink, he's so badass that even pink looks krumpy! :dakka :choppa


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Pink looks girly. Cover it in a thick coat of industrial grade grey dye! nah.....only jokin' (not a very fun joke mid you...) very handy, a great tutorial and it will be of use to everyone who wants a DeffWing Skwadron :thumbs (the dark angels chapter with the terminators....them....you know....er...) shade
Of course all my topics are pic heavy, you know why? because people don't want to open 12 hyperlinks a page! it stands to reason

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hehe... "one eyed pink Nob"... Sorry, the inner 5 year old got out then. Great 101, better than the GW models.



    Grot Slave

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Cato thankyou for for doing this so much. I think your works amazing and well yeh. Ive tried to make my own ma nob folowing your 101 as close as posible. Ill bring it to gw and you can evaluate it it. I HATE DOING THOSE RIVITS SO F***ing MUCH tee hee
we can always come back for another go!

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This is really top notch work, and I really like the dynamism of the models, albeit with one caveat. You might want to "pull together" the models more, as they seem to have a bit too much movement and therefor don't quite feel like the walking fortresses they should be! Just something to keep in mind for the future.
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