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Waaaghust (August) 2017 Painting Challenge

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Mik McMok the Mek

Mik McMok the Mek


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My Snow scenario 3d battle table is now complete.. probably. I'll still thinking of adding a dinsuar spiece of panzee dungon as a centerpeice at some point, but that won't be this month...So it can be made green. 20727819_1635350796476564_79004630625927


When all else fails Panic
If that doesn't work...then you know you're up to your neck in it!



    Tankbusta Boy

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Color me green!




1 Contemptor Dreadnought - Done.

6 Meganobz - Done.


The first set of Meganobz are the old metals, and the second set are some even older metals.  An old Bad Moon character (Nazrag, I believe) and a Bad Moon Meganob.  The last guy is pitifully small, but is armored enough to fit in.



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