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Aeronautica imperialis release

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Seems GW have given us a hints video about the Aeronatica redo.


not much to see so far bu it will be interesting if they bring anything out for Da Flyboyz out there.



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“The studio, the creative part of Games Workshop, had always been kept apart from the sales part of it. One thing Bryan (Ansell) said was that if the sales people got to be in charge of the studio, it would destroy the studio, and that’s exactly what happened.” - Rick Priestley



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Interesting, I mean, who doesn't want to join da deff skwadren?



    Grapple Arm

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"Interesting, I mean, who doesn't want to join da deff skwadren?" At a guess, people that don't like crazed bombing runs, or insane amounts of dakka while they're being strafed. The people that want to shoot down da Deff Skwadron. These are just simple 'oomies, these are panzee of the craftworlds, the common clay of 40k. You know.....morons. 

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