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#733493 Def Skullz Skull'Amma 'with decent pics... for a change'

Posted by Kr00zA on 19 December 2018 - 03:11 PM












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#732278 Shokkjump Dragsta Conversion

Posted by Warlord Gul on 14 November 2018 - 02:33 AM

Hello, Everyone.


With the advent of 8th Edition, I had originally decided that the vehicle bitz I'd accumulated over the years, were going to be sold in a job lot, which I planned to do once Codex: Orkz had been released.


However, when I saw the SPEED FREEKS game, the Mek in me took control.  I bought the rules, game boards, dice etc. from eBay, and set myself the task of making a Shokkjump Dragsta (apologies for picture quality - took these with my mobile phone):














Saw Blades were originally Chainsaws from 3 old, cheap Wrestling Toy Sets.


Exhausts and Air Intake are from GW Dakka Jet kit.


Front Wheels are from Ramshackle Games, with plasticard rod and Coils from a German Armoured Car Kit, to make some sort of suspension.


Back Wheels from the GW Trukk Kit - didn't bother with suspension here, as I think the shape of the main chassis allows me to get away with it.


Main Chassis is a very old, pull-back-and-go sci-fi vehicle that was originally tracked - which I just cut away.


The main part of the Kustom Shokk Rifle is an Ork 'Eavy Laskannon


Driver's Head, Torso and Legs are from GorkaMorka Mail Order Gubbinz, arms are from either the GW Trukk Kit or Dakka Jet Kit, with earbuds to make up the rest of the steering.


Grot on the Offside with bugle is from a box of GW Warhammer Fantasy Snotlings that I bought a long time ago, with the intention to build a Mekboy Junka, with turret-mounted Shokk Attack Gun, and a Cache of Snotling ammo.

I know that as soon as this vehicle moves, the air rushing into that horn will cancel out the Grot's efforts, but I think it just adds a bit of character to the model.


Head of the Grot Gunner is a Forest Goblin, I think - I found a bag full of GW Sprues, when I took a broken microwave to the tip, and this head was amongst those - one man's rubbish, is another man's treasure LOL.










Targetin' Squig is excess modelling putty from a previous project, which, at the time, I rolled into a rough Squig shape, and then sculpted the features into.  It has been in my bitz box for ages.

I cut into the Squig's face, in order to create a depression deep enough to slot the Targetin' Lense from a metal Deff Dread into, then sculpted the wire with blu-tak, which is sealed with super glue.


Rokkitz are from the Ork Boyz Kit, attached with plasticard rod to the old Ork Warbiker's Dakkagunz (or Twin-Linked Big Shootaz, as I think they used to be), with the barrels cut off.

I know that the Rules state that the Shokkjump Dragsta should only have 1 Rokkit Launcha, so I will treat it as such, but aesthetically, this semi-symmetrical pairing looked better than the other positions I trialled.






Grot Gunner is designed to be holding a Remote Trigger Device for the Kustom Shokk Rifle, as this was the simplest way to represent it firing the gun.


Grot Gunner's goggle lenses are from an action figure's bandolier - slicing the tops off the shotgun shells.








The Worky Bitz are a mix of old Warbiker engines, the Mek Gas Regulator-esque bitz from Kustom Mega-Blastas, chopped-up Sluggaz and Shootaz, plasticard and anything else that looked the part, from the bitz box.


Resin part of the Wing is an armoured panel from Fox Box's Trukk Extension Kit - cut to fit around Shokk Attack Gun, and glued onto lengths of a large metal paperclip, that has been slotted through plastic earbuds, into the chassis, to make the main framework.







Obviously, not an accurate build of the Official Shokk-technology, but I think it does enough to represent the Worky Bitz that propel it through a Shokk Tunnel.

My intial concept was to have the spinning gubbinz attached in the normal Shokk Attack Gun fashion, but it somehow looked wrong.

Therefore, I chose this lay out, and imagine the spinning gubbinz protruding on a shaft when activated by the driver, before spinning.



Thanks for reading.

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#714171 Don Corleone's WIP

Posted by Don Corleone on 01 September 2016 - 04:36 AM

Hey folks, first of all: please excuse my english, I'm not a native speaker.
This is my debut at The-Waaagh, a scratchbuild Battlefortress. Its my first scratchbuild model, so I'm pretty proud of it.
The constructing is done so far, but most of it isn't glued in place yet, to be able to paint in later.
If you are interested I can post pictures of the building process. 
I hope you like it :)



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#719696 KFF

Posted by PeaceCraft on 13 July 2017 - 02:22 PM

i was wondering about the same thing and was thinking of posting this infograph style question directly at warhammer community...

eventually. in the meantime i'll post it here



you guys think the question is understadable the way i put it?

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#716615 Burna boy OSL

Posted by armored walker on 25 March 2017 - 02:43 AM

Make them do the burny dance!












Time to try some osl again. The body is old Microarts longcoat orc (they don't make these anymore), burna-boy-bitz are GW and the flame is GS over wire, sculpted by me. It's clearly an ork, though the only bit of green skin visible is the right index finger pulling the trigger.


I'm actually pretty happy with the result, there were moments I was sure I could not pull this off. The OSL is the main point, not much details on the back.


I broke off a bit of the flame near the nozzle while glueing it on, but decided to take the pics anyway, might take weeks before I'll get around to fix that - if at all.

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#732097 Snazzwagon Rogue Trader Ork Buggy Conversion

Posted by FLAKPANZER on 10 November 2018 - 10:43 AM

Hi all,


I wanted to make a Boomdakka Snazzwagon look more like the old Rogue Trader Ork Buggy, so spent a couple of hours on a fairly simple conversion. I'm pretty pleased with the results.











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#728303 Speed Freeks - New Ork Boxed Game?

Posted by Dim_Reapa on 21 August 2018 - 07:51 PM

I need an adult.  Did Dim just pull out his orks and get a glint of hope?

I could literally write an essay about how important these things are, what they potentially say for the future of Orks and what they imply about the way GW is viewing Orks that is almost exclusively positive and totally not overthinking everything.

I'm a little saddened that people think I'm impossible to please. That's partly my fault sure, although given how consistently shit GW were in the Kirby era, it's not difficult for people to be consistently negative when there's consistently nothing good to talk about.

But these Buggies, they're super important. For one main point, something close to my heart, they harken back to Old Skool Orks. They're not blocky vehicles of metal plates riveted onto a rickety frame. They're designed, they use Ork cutting edge tech. They have a nice, curved aesthetic. They're like mini speedstas.

This is an important kit for us. Not just because it's over 20 years in the making.
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#721426 Orc assassin

Posted by armored walker on 17 September 2017 - 03:31 AM

"Avin troubles wif 'uumie assassins? 'Ave one of your own! Assassin Kreek for hire! Silent like thunder! Sudden as night! Garantee result or keep teef."




It's Orc with Cloak by Spellcrow, from Umbra Turris-line, another great sculpt from them. I wanted to do some freehand on the of inside his cloak, the Assassin's Creed icon (orkyfied) was the logical choice.








I also meat to paint a line of skulls on the yellow hem of the cloak, but gave up after three and painted over them. They were so small and fiddly and looked more like stains than skulls.








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#718783 Digganob Project

Posted by Morghot on 17 June 2017 - 06:04 PM

Hello Green friends!


With the new 40k edition i've started to feel the need to make something to honour my greenskin spirit! But unfortunately the will to make another ork warband is not great; ive painted too much ork boyz, i know they are never enough but im also a painter slow as hell so i must abdicate!

OT and i have little dream of new orks boyz kit sooner or later, the current are always cool but they have almost my age  :biggrin , i would really appreciate some new boyz!! /OT 


Oook so thinking of what to do came up in my mind gorkamorka! And from gorkamorka-----> digganob!


I love to convert models and with all the range of these days there are a lot of miniatures adaptable for being diggas!


I dont know how much time and how many models i will do, but i can ensure you that this is one of the most important project (talking about feelings  :blush ) i have ever started and i will always try to continue it!


Stop talking i show you the first models, 3 digganob, from left to right: Grummok, Sharko Boy, Psycho Kane


edit: old link are dead so i post here all the pics:







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#717672 8E rumors, and what it means for Orks

Posted by laughterofgods on 18 May 2017 - 07:59 AM

I am excited if only because there are people actually checking this place.  I joined a facebook ork group out of desperation, but I like this place better.

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#731535 Trust in Rust: 3-26-19 Army Shot for Adepticon 2019

Posted by greggles on 02 November 2018 - 09:16 PM

Finished up my Dragsta!  More images under the spoiler tag!





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#727962 Waaagh Sarnath! (working title :)

Posted by Sarnath on 13 August 2018 - 04:42 PM

Ive been trying to figure out a paint scheme now for 3-4 months and ive finally found something that was satisfactory. I needed something that was very fast since I believe that is for me needed if im ever going to field an entire army of orks!
Now I know, it seems that most people want their Orks dark - however I usually find dark orks tend to be just a blob on the battlefield, I want them to pop a bit and thats why ive been trying to find a brighter green for the skin. After lots of thinking and a quite alot of testing i ended up with something I could feel satisfied with. I also had to think very hard about exactly how i would do the leather, weapons, armor plates and ...eyes.
Now the orks in this photo are not 100% done. I still need to do some gore on the weapons etc. And never mind the ugly green stuff. I did way to much converting - 30 boys and it was about to turn me off to the idea so i kind of felt that i just had to rush it and start painting or I would probably just stop with the hobby. It actually looks "okish" i imagine the green stuff beeing scars from corrosive weapons or burndamage or something   :)
Just happy to be able to show something   :)
Now lets see if i can manage to embed a picture in this post...

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#720939 From Bloodbowl to 40k

Posted by armored walker on 29 August 2017 - 04:00 AM

A little fun project, converting the new Bloodbowl orcs to 40K orks. So far half of them about built, just hand and head swaps really with some GS for gaps.












Nob from the black orc:




These guys are bigger than regular boyz, and on 30mm bases:






These guys were the easy part, next I'll try to do the same thing again with different results. As there are two identical sprues in the box, I'll try to make the boyz look slightly different with some re-positioning of arms and legs, and also to give every boy a different helmeted head to increase diversity.


As I've got some free time this week, you might see some results actually quite soon. :biggrin

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#714090 None's Conversion Madness Mk2

Posted by Nonebutone on 12 August 2016 - 07:51 PM

The... Following 6 Hours are a bit hazy, but somehow I added a giant Rokkit fist, and a second Huge Zzap gun... then primed, and Dry brushed the metals on.



Then came the Base coats of yellow.


Then... a bunch of Washes and Additonal colors later

I still call it a WIP as it has no proper base, and I want to do a bit more detail (like... painting up the Trophy Knight Helms to be of Knight houses I've fought against. BUT... its nearing completion.

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#727316 New ork warboss image leaked

Posted by Dim_Reapa on 14 July 2018 - 06:43 AM


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#725994 Warhammer fest Ork news

Posted by Lexington on 26 May 2018 - 09:57 AM

Thats just it though, the old fluff wasnt all that good. Youre implying the fluff was heads and shoulders better than whats out there now. [...] Have you ever really sat down and read all those old codex and supplements?

I have, in fact, run this particular experiment. Between the idiot ravages of 6th and 7th Edition, a dwindling local community and a burgeoning Infinity scene, I took a long break from 40K a few years back. It wasnt that long, but it was long enough. I wandered back in last year, and there were some rather significant memory holes.

Now, the digital age has been great for shredding nostalgia. With Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and a plethora of questionably-legal services, one can easily hold ones once-beloved entertainment up to the harsh light of day, and see how it holds up. Personally, my own past selfs track record has been abysmal to the point where Im thinking of disowning that stupid, stupid bastard. Everything he liked sucked!. X-Files was self-important trash. Its hard to believe how embarrassing and dumb the X-Men cartoon I championed for years actually was. Want to know whats almost as bad as the Star Wars Prequels? Return of the Jedi. What chance did the pipsqueak pastiche of 40K have? It had to suck. The basic shape of the universe decreed it.

But, nope. 40K is so good, you guys. Andy Chambers run especially. The Codex Imperialis, the 2nd Ed Space Wolf and Chaos Codexes. The 3rd Ed big black book, the 3rd War for Armageddon, Necromunda, GorkaMorka, all manner of White Dwarfs and supplements, and standing equal to any of them, the ur-text of our collective love, WAAARGH! Da Orks. Goodness, gracious, me oh my, they are just such utterly solid reading. They describe a universe thats so varied and unique, funny and terrifying, fantastic and banal, a place that doesnt quite have the shape of reality, but has something better - the texture and mouthfeel of life. Verisimilitude, even among all the space robots and screamin daemons. It wears its hodgepodge of pop culture and spec-fic influences on its sleeve - the best of the worst and the worst of the best - but doesnt so much ape them as digest them into a new animal whose lineage cant be conclusively traced to any one line.

Around 4th Ed, it dipped a little far into into grim self-seriousness for my tastes, but its a picnic compared to the dread Ward era that came with 5th, and the whole thing went to pieces. It has none of the spirit, none of the context, none of the basic understanding of reality and people and what makes 40K work, just a grim dedication to the product as product, and the setting as a vehicle for sales. Not as much as a for fans, by fans process as an engine to give the lowest common denominator their fill, then tell the rest of it that this is all there ever was. Theres been variations on that sad tune since then, but the melody never wavers.
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#725330 From Bloodbowl to 40k

Posted by armored walker on 27 April 2018 - 01:48 AM

I've been kinda off the hobby for some time lately, as we had to move away while some renovations were done in our home. Now we're back to new sewers, new bathroom, new electrick wiring, the werks. The place should be good for the next 50 years now, I might even have paid the loan by then!


I took my paints and some models to our evac place, and tho' I did not much feel like painting, somethings got done anyway.











As you can see these guys are Evil Suns, I haven't done those in a while. Emblem to prove it:




I thought to add some diversity by painting their clothes different colours, the similar armor bitz will unify the look. It's slow going as I started painting the armor chipped and worn.


Two more:










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#721164 Stable Pix Blog?

Posted by Badfang Brassaxe on 09 September 2017 - 01:21 PM

Armored Walker started a topic on converting BloodBowl orcs into 40k orks http://www.the-waaag...showtopic=54772 just as I was looking to expand my OozToof?s, and one of the mobs I'm short of is a DeffSkulz nobzmob, and as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and DeffSkulz are renown for their sincerity......

Well, it wouldn't be a DeffSkulz build if it wasn't looted :thumbs


So, yesterday my Scourged Eye BloodBowl team landed, you get two identysprues of six so I pulled the same ones of them off the two sprues and sent one to da painboy




And this morning pulled another one apart too, had a rummage through my nobzbitz box, found some likely looking bitz and started putting them together again - the one in the middle is the standard GW approved build of the one on the left




The kombiskorchaz barrel is a bit higher than it should be 'coz 'is right arm keeps slipping down, but they're about right for size and they've got a proppa skrappy DeffSkulzy sort of look to them - off to carve a few more up now :biggrin

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#710523 Red Jack's (sukigod) Waaagh! Log

Posted by Sukigod on 29 November 2015 - 08:38 PM

So this whale is back on the bench :)


Now it's down to the details; pick one, knock it out and move on to the next one. Pretty soon I should be done.


The metallics took for ever and it's not a dramatic change from back when I put it on hold again. I'll be finishing off the wing details first, then on to the deff arsenal - which I'm is going to suck since I made it so danged detailed. Anyway, here's some pics of progress.







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#708710 Trust in Rust: 3-26-19 Army Shot for Adepticon 2019

Posted by greggles on 02 September 2015 - 04:02 PM

The completed cart and army!





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