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Bin werking on sumting stompy....

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Well, I've modelling again. Presenting 3 unfinished Deff Dreads.


Presenting Beakie-Legs Bob.





Bob the Buzzsaw





And Kate




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I really love those old dreads. I have two so far. Your heavy rust work complements this model, but i think the blue is a little too bright for the rest of the model. Just my personal opinion of course.
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Itinerate Ork

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Nice work! I really like the one with the beakie Dreadnought legs - it looks a lot like the rogue trader era model to me. I think the use of more modern bitz also helps a lot to bring the kit forward in a nice way.


One thing you might think about going forward is using washes on the silver metal bitz - I like the rust a lot and think the silver areas would match better if they were a bit darker and had more contrast to them.