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How would you fix the Stompa?

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    Mendin' Squig

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So, I got one of the OOP plastic Stompa kits for Christmas. I was pretty stoked about it from a hobby perspective. It has been an absolute blast to build! Only thing that stinks is that I will likely never field it on the tabletop. The Stompa is ridiculously expensive and its weapons options/profiles are lackluster at best. So, my question to you is how would you fix the Stompa?

There seem to be two schools of thought on fixing units: leaving them the way they are and reducing the points, or changing their options to match the listed cost. Which route would you take and why? Or would you do both?

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Badfang Brassaxe

Badfang Brassaxe


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Give it at least 'ramshackle', double the number of shots that it fires (so it's only half as hamstrung by BS5 as it currently is) and make it's blast weapons D6 x D'n-1' auto hits within a defined radius of the aim point dependent on size and cost of the 'gun' (D'n-1' = D2, D3, or D6, again depending on the size and cost of the 'gun' and any roll of 1 {so 1-3 on a D6 used as a D2} on the multiplier dice auto misses) - 'gun' may also refer to suparokkit.

Of course, that would involve changing the core rules so it would actually be a lot simpler to come up with a decent set of core rules in the first place.




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For its points I would expect it to perform like a warhound titan (pre chapter approved points). I wouldn't mind if they made him 2k points in the codex as long has he performed like a 2k point model and was a 1 model army that would take 2k troops 2 or three turns to shut down.




  • Blood Axez
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Make it half the points it is now, sorted. Why it jumped from around the 500 mark to nearly 1k in 6th ed Apoc I have no idea.

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    Warbike Boy

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It is too expensive given how many guns it has.  Guns that coincidentally hit on a 5+.  Also, it needs to include an inv. save.  I can't think of any similarly priced model that does not automatically come with an inv. save.

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