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Plastic 6mm Scale Crowdfunder

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Hello All

As many know, GW seem to be shutting down their specialist games range. In a related thread on Warseer, I was directed to a crowdfunding project on new Plastic 6mm models, depicting humans (who look a lot like Cadian Shock Troops) and 'Hulked up Aliens', who couldn't look more Orky if they tried.


The project has passed the initial funding goal, and is now working it's way towards stretch goals. I'd recommend taking a look for anyone who plays Epic and needs more Boyz, or anyone (like myself) who's had a passing interest in Epic and would like a cheap way to start.

The Hulked Up Aliens have standard infantry (Boyz), Troop Transports (Trukks) and Alien Slaves (Grots) currently available, with potentially more to come.

I'm not part of the project; I simply wish them well and would like to publicise their efforts, and to share a project with a community that will hopefully find it useful.


The funding is still going, and a lot of new models have been made available. On the Alien side, there are Bikes, Anti-air vehicles, gunwagons and a battlefortress. Take another look if you had any interest before.