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Orks and anti-air?

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Boss Ardnutz

Boss Ardnutz

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The problem is when an opponent has the ability to prevent you having any chance of hitting at all. -2 to hit at BS4 means you can't even shoot, so it doesn't matter how deadly your gun is, it just became a literal complete waste of points. Not fun at all.



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How many units in the game produce that -2 to hit? 
Can some one make a list by name of all of them please?

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Off the top of my head, Fliers are -1 to be shot, ALL Ravenguard Infantry, Bikers and Dreadnoughts are -1 to be hit if you are more than 12" away from them. The Dark Shroud gives itself and ALL Dark Angels units within 6' of it a -1 to be hit by shooting no matter how far away you are. All attacks against Lictors are at -1 (-2 for Deathleaper), and any 'Nid unit within 6" of a Venomthrope is -1 to be shot. 'Nids with spore cysts are -1 to be shot. Chameleonic Mutation bio-artifact causes -1 to be shot. The Horror psychic power makes an enemy unit -1 to hit and on Ld.


'Nids alone are pretty much bio-engineered to violate Orks. There are likely many other things that cause a -1 (or more) to shooting, but I don't have all of the indexes/codexes to list them.


Anyways, units that are -1 to be hit outright can not be targeted by Ork heavy weapons that have moved or by non-auto-hitting Assault weapons after Advancing. this accounts for dakkaguns on warbikes and most weapons on vehicles. Orks effectively get screwed out of using two very common aspects of the core rules for most of their weapons just because they have BS 5+. Good thing Orks just murder the hell out of whatever they get into close combat with (they don't). Even -1 is crippling, as penalties to hit do not scale equitably. Turning a 3+ into a 4+ means going from 2/3 hits to 1/2 hits (a 16.67% decrease in effectiveness), but going from a 5+ to a 6+ means going from from 1/3 hits to 1/6 hits (a *50%* decrease in effectiveness). Any army with a higher BS is a shooty army by the very nature of how the rules work.  Note that the points for weapons/units do not scale very well to account for this discrepancy.


Changing Orks to BS 4+ and giving them mostly heavy weapons (number of shots/effects should also be tweaked of course) would at least still allow them to hit most things on a 6, in all but the most rare of situations, rather than have no chance at all. Barring a BS change to 4+, there could instead be a rule like, "Let 'Em 'Ave It Boyz! Most orks are wildly inaccurate shots, but they more than make up for it with enthusiasm! Regardless of any to hit modifiers, Ork units not having the keywords Gretchin or Squig always successfully hit with shooting attacks on a natural roll of a 6." That actually sounds more Orky than BS 4+, but mainly due to how Orks have been handled since 2E. And they really should bring back BS increases for Ork Characters.


Recent rumors state we'll know our fate in June.

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    Ammo Runt

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The shokk attack gun was a template and scatter dice, no BS involved. And the target was removed from play without any save. :yes

Increasing the Damage and number of shots for Ork  artillery would also help, so when you hit, it does a lot of wounds. Make some mortal wounds. Another option would be to return to Orks having a higher limit on heavy weapons. A mob of 10 Orks used to bring 3 Big Shootas plus 1 for the Nob. 

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    Burna Boy

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The Flakka Gun sucks.   Use the supa-skorcha.   Range 24"  4d3 shots -2AP.   It auto-hits and it's way better.


I'll add to this.   If they wanted traktor kannons to be worth it, they would make them auto-hit flyers and skimmers. 

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    Big Gun Krew

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Yeah and they even dropped points for the KMK which already was the best mek gun...

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Metal elitist & into game/level design.



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had another run last night against a list with one of them Blackstar fliers, managed to put three winds on it all game, finding myself wondering if the best way to deal with them is to basically ignore them, get on with the scenario mission and just accept they will murderificate various orks, but hopefully not enough that it costs the game.


Actually trying to shot the swines down seems to waste time and weapons better spent elsewhere since we don't appear to have a "you are now dead" option, given the things can't take objectives any more just seems it may be easier to just shrug and accept it