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Orc Warboss from Nob!

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Uzrug Slasha

Uzrug Slasha

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Oi mates, So one of my big issues with making the switch over to the fantasy side of things was the lack of size Orc generals had. They all seemed so weedy, being regular size, and I could not convert a warboss and hope to make him fit on those tiny square bases. So I did the next best thing, grab a Nob and set him up to be a great warboss! Here's what I've got so far. Let me know what you gitz think!

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_2747.JPG
  • IMG_2749.JPG
  • IMG_2750.JPG

-Uzrug Slasha-
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big mek tank krusha

big mek tank krusha

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well, based on the pictures he's over 8" tall, so i'd say he's a bit big ;) please resize your pictures, as each of yours takes up over 2 meg, which is zoggin' huge. they need to be, at most, about 800 pixels high, not 2592. the badwidth here is supplied free, so try not to abuse it ;)


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