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"Lee" gunwagon build

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I rather like the boxy look of the bw turret. I think the gun mounted in it is a bit weedy in relation to the size of the turret but fits w/ the scheme of the tank itself. Id cut it in half around where that little box window is in the face plate. Be a real hoot to have the grot turret stuck on top of that as in the pic a few posts up.

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Penelope the Wonder Pony

Penelope the Wonder Pony

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I've taken a couple of pictures from further away, so that you can get a better idea of the proportions of the turret relative to the rest of the tank (sorry for the blur, lighting is a bit rubbish today!):






I've not started detailing the left side of the tank yet, don't judge me. :lol Turret is obviously just blu-tacked together, until I decide what to do with it. 


I'm starting to lean back towards cutting the ring mount section off the back of the turret and putting a straight angled face in there instead (much like on the other side of the turret). It would still be a very tall and bulky tank, but that would fit with the theme I'm going for- I really want a cartoon-y 40K style tank with a resemblance to the Lee, with a definite Orky flavour. Though that would mean that I've not got any top hatch at all, and I'd quite like to have a kommander popping out the top. The humanOrk element really helps sell a vehicle, I think. Hmm. 


EDIT: From this angle you can also see that nothing is straight... thank god for the "Orks built it!" defence.  :bang

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Proppa looking wagon ya got there, NTBMK. :thumbs


Long ago, I earmarked a Lee kit for orky ends, so finish this up so I can plunder all the good ideas. :whip  ;)


Don't forget the periscope! :search  :thumbs

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The main hull of the tank is great - the overall form is spot on - resembles the Lee Tank, but is instantly recognisable as an Ork build!

Regarding the turret:
Whilst you still have it blu-takked together, I would suggest leaving the back of it untouched (allowing you to have the hatch for your Kommanda), then altering the front facing of the turret to a more oblique, slanted angle, that is similar to the Lee Turret - just to see how that looks.

I think (looking at your side elevation photo), if you tried mimicking that sloping front line, created by the Rhino front armour, with a continuation above it on the turret (when it is facing forward), this could help strike the balance between Orky blockiness and the Lee Tank's general aesthetic.



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A different angle changes its appearance completely.  I'm just gonna sit back here and wait to see which way you jump on this.


I've always wondered, what is NTBMK?

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