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Six Shoota

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Dod g. Git

Dod g. Git


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The rules state a six shoota has a reload time is this after any time it is fired or only after it fires on sustained fire? Common sense dictates he latter but I thought I'd check the waters on this one with a larger group.
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    Ban Stikk Target

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I'd say it has to be sustained fire, as it approximates the unloading of the whole chamber on a target, and not just firing a potshot.



    Speckled Bloodshade Fungus

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Logic seem to dictate that you could fire one shot without reload... But then why would u use a slugga? And why would you want to shoot potshots anyway?

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btw i would love to know how ppl play the six shoota roolz (when can i reload? (close combat, shooting with something else or shooting with a mounted weap) how do you use an unreloaded six shoot in close combat? An does it have to be reloaded after one round of cqb)