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> Dawn of war 2!!!, DOW 2 stuff
Magus Gar Kan
post Feb 10 2009, 11:36 AM
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'Ard Boy

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Well it's not what I expected, but man is it fun. I can't wait for the full release. I'll probably just play the campaign though, as I did with the earlier DOW games.

Offishol Fishhead Slackjaw Mcgee certified ork Rokka!
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"Waaagh! Waaagh! The Greenskins, Oldest Greatest Death Machine..."
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post Feb 13 2009, 10:36 AM
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Speckled Bloodshade Fungus

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QUOTE (Magus Gar Kan @ Feb 10 2009, 11:06 AM) *
Well it's not what I expected, but man is it fun. I can't wait for the full release. I'll probably just play the campaign though, as I did with the earlier DOW games.

I probably won't buy the full release for this reason. I'm tired of beakie and really don't want to play through another of their campaigns for 50$.

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Da Grimpond
post Feb 18 2009, 05:46 PM
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'Ead Graft
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been on the beta to
It isnt really DOW but its still a great game
As long as i dont think of it as dow its great, but thats just me
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post Apr 17 2009, 08:55 PM
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Mimic Squig

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Orks are actually one of the most balanced races in the game now. Nobz are dead killy, especially when fully kitted out, but you should never underestimate a horde of boyz under the WAAAGH! Shout power.

Boyz, I like war. Boyz, I like war. Boyz, I LOVE war! I love burnin', I love goin' fasta. I love attackin', I love defendin'. I love sieges, breakin' through walls, I love goin' back ta get more boyz, I love killin' what's left and goin' off fer a new fight. In da fields, da trenches, da plainz, da snow, da desert, da boats, da fightabommas, da mud, da swamp! I love each an' every kinda war orks can think of in dis galaxy! I love da roar of kannonz as dey blow all da 'umie gits away at once, and their bodies fly aroun' in da air till dey crash in peices on da ground! I love it when our wagons, with their crusha ramz, clashes with a 'umie tank! And da gitz jump out o' da tanks only ta be torn apart by our shootaz! I love seein' our boyz crash into da 'umie lines with choppaz ready! I remember da little runts choppin' their first kill up real nice cause dey wanna make sure it don' get up. I like seein' runnin' gits gunned down, and da wunz who give up wit 'em. And when da 'umie gits get brave, an' run at us screamin to da top o their puny lungs! I remember da roks droppin' on armageddon! I loves it when da 'umies send wave afta wave of deir boyz into da fight! An' when da camp dey wuz supposed ta protect is overran and dey's runtier wunz become squigfood! I love it when da Panzees and Fish'eads get scared, an' dey crawl around like squigs to be stomped on! When da bony gits get smashed again an' again!

Boyz! What I want is a war waged like Gork an' Mork demselves were leadin' it! GIVE ME THIS WAR! GIMME A WAAAGH!!
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post May 25 2009, 03:58 PM
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Attack Squig

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Had some downtime and needed a game to play, so I picked up DoW 2 while racing home (if anyone ever saw me drive, racing would be kind of to the point). Played trough the Blood Raven campaign, and sadly, it made me wanna dust of my Space Wolf army. It also made me wonder why I looted all my Rhino/Predators for my orks pphhtork.gif

Played some against a friend of mine, and it felt kind of balanced over all, but not as fun as D.o.W could be.

Going trough my Ork Horde I found...

100+ slugga boyz, 40+ shoota boys, 12 warbikers, 6 deffkoptas, 6 trukks, 3 bws, 11 killakans, 3 deffdreds, 12 lootas, 12 burnas, 15 nobs, 4 mega nobs, a stompa?! (when did I buy this?!), 4 groot tanks, fw Supacanon, fw kommandoz, 30+ russian style groots, a looted shadowsword, and about 4 crates of bitz, plasticard, stuff, and halfbuilt stuff... WHEN DID IT BECOME SO MUCH!!!
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