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Wun Trukk - Unreliable

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Just started into a new campaign, haven't played for ages and I have rules question that I don't think has ever come up for me before. I've got one trukk, and it's unreliable. For pretty much all the GM scenarios, that means if I roll a 1, I don't show up! So... umm.. what happens? Do I automatically lose & roll on to the post phase or does the game just never happen?



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Depends on how you are playing. Is it a large round-robin tournament style play or just one or two other guys in a small campaign? If it's the former then I'd say the other team wins by default, collects all loot counters, etc. and so forth including "shouting loudest" experience points and victory points for the Nob because "E'z so tuff da uvaa boyz didn' even show up!" If it's just a smaller, friendly sort of competition then no battle takes place and pretend it never happened. At least, until your game progresses far enough to buy a second vehicle. At which point you would still have to play, even if you didn't have your complete roster with you. Ouch!
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