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Demolishun Wurk

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    Puffball Fungus

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TL;DR: Big grabbers/wrecking balls vs. gates - yes or no?

I know there are several missing rules in Da Roolz* but one stood out as I prepare to siege a fort to rescue my mob's nob.

Attacking a fort's gate is much like attacking a vehicle. You can ram it (bypass armour penetration and roll on damage table), shoot it (roll to hit, roll to penetrate, roll on damage table), or hit it in close combat (automatic hit, roll to penetrate for one hit, roll on damage table - 'uge choppas are perfect for this!) However, nothing in the rules mentions wrecking balls or big grabbers being used to damage fort gates.

Using these gubbinz would be entirely justifiable in my eyes. You park your buggy/trakk as close as possible to the git's gate and then proceed to rend it to pieces with the aforementioned gubbinz.

There is no mention of it in Da Roolz or Da Uvver Book and there was no amendment to the rules in any issue of White Dwarf that I read. The idea of da boyz using a wrecking ball for demolition work seems logical enough to me. You don't risk destroying your buggy because you aren't ramming the gate, but simultaneously you have to keep your vehicle stationary every turn to attack the gate, thus presenting a very big, easy, tempting target to any enemies in the vicinity.

*Try kustomising a scorcher to make it longer range, or more dakka, or even over-kustomising it and getting "sawed off" as the result... then try reloading your six shoota in close combat - you see where I'm going with this...

EDIT: The reason I'm asking - below (kind of small for a big grabber eh?):
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    squig attack arm

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I'd say you could not use a grabber on a gate. The reason the work on opposing vehicles is because they grab onto a piece and then the driver hits the breaks real quick so next thing you know a piece rips off. They aren't Power Klaws, just a big set of pincers or man-catchers. The wrecking ball I'd say yes however. That one makes a good bit of sense, though I'd assign it a S your opponents agree with (probably 5 or 6) and count it as a boy attacking instead of auto wounds. The disadvantage would be your vehicle is at a complete stop and so dudes could climb onto it to attack crew and driver without needing to roll for normal boarding rules.
Calling all Wordboyz!

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I dunno Zogg, though I think you're rigth about big grabbas not being Power Klaws, but i think grabbas would work for two maing reasons; 1. some grabbas have spikey bits etc or part of their construction includes a cutting tool 2. the majority of ork construction is irregular etc, so there'd be something for the grabba to latch onto anyway and once one bit was ripped off there'd be more bits to grab onto Wreckign ball makes sense though, one thing I was never clear on is who operates the grabba or the wreking ball, it would make sense to me if there has to be someone operating it, unless it was remote controlled... Maybe if you e-mailed the guys at specialist games, its not supported anymore but someone might pick it up on the off chance Edit: I checked the Codex and it says that wreckign balls have a strength of 9, so thats them sorted. still no Idea about the grabba....