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> Dawn of War Accounts, Fancy sharing your knowledge?
post Apr 21 2008, 11:29 AM
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'Ead Graft
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Right, I think a thread based upon 'you', the DoW players, will help kick up some gears whilst you all discuss- what is it about you that makes you win/lose? Is it your race?- If so what tactics do you use? Fancy sharing your secret tactics? Or perhaps you want to start a gang with everyone? Well come on and come all, this is the thread just for you winkingOrk.gif
This thread will be based on the internet version of Dawn of War, not Skirmishes or the Campaign- give your best advice to those who seek the guidance to become a great tactful commander. Please include your favorite race(s), what benefits do you see with using this/them race(s) on the internet? And do make sure to hep those who seek help, this thread will be great for those who can't seem to win or even for hose who just want to upgrade their class and their playing style. Don't be shy to share what you find is best, the friendly people of Da WAAAGH! Can give you some criticism on what they think could help up your game. So get going! thumbs.gif

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post Apr 21 2008, 11:56 AM
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Wartrukk Driver
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I know this isn't helpful but I'll post it anyway... I stopped playing the internet version after Winterassault because of the neverending wave of guardians. I used it for a little while and it's pretty easy. I imagine the game has changed as far as online play but the last time I attempted after that was against studderingdave and I just swarmed him with stealthsuits early on... using invis units before the other guy has a chance to build detection units can be pretty brutal.

Originally Posted by Uthan the Perverse in 'Culture vs. Kultur: Thoughts on Orkish Society'
The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We panzee who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn. And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask. We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude.

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post Apr 21 2008, 05:37 PM
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mine is Kubz. i prefer playing DC though rather than SS. but if someone is game, i will play. smilingOrk.gif

da only proppa ork iz n egyptian un!!! ;) WAAAGH!!! fo'evaaa!!! thanks to mukrot for dis dead ard avatar!!!
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Mekboy dakka
post Apr 29 2008, 10:52 PM
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telescoping arm
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Mine is BringerOFPie. My favourite race is orks because of their humourousness(is that a word?), but I only have Dark Crusade so can't play them online, have to go with necrons. Necrons are pretty powerful. I mean, free necron warriors? What was the programmer smoking?

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Magus Gar Kan
post Apr 30 2008, 03:38 AM
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'Ard Boy

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Heh DoW was the reason I turned green, used to be a weedy guard player. My user name is the same as my forum.

Online I tend to play orks or guard. With orks its all about getting your heavies,
Both Nobz mobs w/ attached Warboss and Bigmek
2 mobs of flash gitz

Earlier on I like to build 5 kans and send them at the enemy base, systematically destroying 1 building at a time, Not much can hold out against it

Endgame its all about the Squiggoth

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post May 1 2008, 03:06 PM
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Loots from da Lootaz
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When I do play online my user name is Zagursnik but I got really sick really quick of gettin trounced in "newb" games but people who werent newbs. Lossing is not fun so I rarely get online. Attaching the mek to either flashgitz or a nobs mob is the way to go, tankbustas work good as well.

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post May 8 2008, 12:44 PM
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Throws the bomb, not the pin.

Group: Grotz
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yeah, after i saw how ownage orks were in dow i changed to them in table top

The taktik that usually works for me in 1v1 is using sluggas,burnas and mek at the start to harras them untill i can tier for flashies or get a mob of nobz, but taktiks do vairy in dow expansions
For bigger games booming is a good takitik or just using slugs as meatshields for elites when charging an enimy, oh and if your using basic melee units to engage some beakie heavy weapon sqauds, there a god chance there just ganna dance-running around in circles untill they die so its a good idea to have some stormys or fire suport
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post Aug 14 2008, 08:26 PM
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Throws the bomb, not the pin.

Group: Grotz
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From: my slag
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eh i beileve in the good ol' fashioned rush... an if that dont work you's muckin' about!! hehe...

course if you really want taktics, the big mek will be your best friend. nothing like picturing the look on a fish'ead players face when he realizes his stealth boyz aint so stealthy... lol

another taktic worth looking into is a spin off of the fish'ead kauyon strategy. get a few fully equipped shoota squads and get both of your flash gits squads fully decked out, use the research at the pile o' gunz to help with this plan. use two slugga boy squads to assault there base, and add the big mek to one of these squads so it doesnt look like just a harassment force you know? dont worry when it gets tough just teleport him out of there, that will help with the plan also you might want to mix in a few rokkit boyz just to help with the plan. now the main thing here is to keep your shooterz secret. let the enemy think that you only have melee units k? now find a good place for the ambush... trust me theres one on practicly every level. alright time to really make your opponent MAD... now, begin by attacking his outposts and really finish em off quick. second go for his generators... trust me this gets every one mad. there expensive and you need energy for reasearch so this is quite the annoying attack... now once those things are mopped up send in another slugga boyz squad to help the attack... have your shootas' ready at he choke point and for gorks sake remember to set them to the ranged stance!! that way they dont feel the need to get stuck in themselves...now if you know what the enemys buildings cost go for the expensive ones... now dont keep sending boyz in just do this till he starts to get noticably angrier... trust me youll know when he hits this point... now just quit commanding... just let the boyz who are in the fight do as they please but make sure the one you attached your big mek to lives so you can teleport them out. now remember that while all this is going on you still have a base that you could be using to pump out more boyz... im just sayin'... so now that you've gone and given said opponent a right an' proper wedgie retreat. and if hes as mad and dumb as most people are at this point then just lead the group of boys he sent after ya right into the dakka of your shootas... this is where you simply select every ork in your army and tell them to attack move to the enemys base... even if he has a few boys at his base, they wont be able to stand the onslaught of every boy you have... at least not after sending probably every outfitted squad he had after you to getcha back for the main attack... hehe just sit back and watch your boyz do what they do best... cheers.gif
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post Aug 15 2008, 07:07 AM
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Gyro Stabilised Monowheel

Group: Boyz
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what makes me lose a lot of games is pathing errors, when you tell a squad to go somewhere and because one way is like a pixel quicker, they walk through the enemy to get to where you clicked.

against melee its not so bad, but against a fish'ead camping 3 squads of fw and commander, or heavy bolters, it will leave you with nothing if you take more than 3 seconds to realise.

That and poor judgement sometimes, I sacrifice way too much for little objectives and sometimes forget about the overall objective.
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M4D 800YZ R00LZ!
post Oct 20 2008, 03:17 PM
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Group: Grotz
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The free sluggas keep them busy easily, ignore the objectives and focus on ripping them to shreds, Orks can't defend AT ALL headbanger.gif . But if you do, Flash Gitz are great dakka.gif .

De only gudd beaky iz a dead beaky, or even betta a dyin' beakie wot tellz ya were iz matez iz.

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post Nov 11 2008, 05:50 PM
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Explosive Kranium
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Will there be internet for DOW2 because if so we should all form a klan - the waaaghers!

As for secret tactics, I like using the combination of the 'umie infiltrate seey thing in the HQ and the beakie drop pods. My opponents are always a little dismayed when they suddenly see a load of red dots appear all over there base! And in them a load of dreads, tactical squads with missle launchers and an orbital bombardment wielding force commander - ACE!

Sadly I didn't buy the latest add on pack and now it is too late and I'll just wait for DOW2.

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post Jul 15 2009, 10:37 AM
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Speckled Bloodshade Fungus

Group: Grotz
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All of these advices and comments are based on quick start resources and high resource rate, with normal speed play

For first dow:
Just spam lots of shoota squads with 2 shootas each and one rokkit launcher and lead the army with a mek and hit them in 4 minutes.
Then keep them as squads of four, then just spam squiggy with lots of looted tanks and lots of nobz with upgrades.

For second dow ( winter assault ):
having nobz squads asap with a few killa kans and lots of looted tanks and the occasional squiggy pphhtork.gif.

For dark crusade:
Having two flash git squads with lots of nobz and the meq + warboss and charge will lots of shoota boyz and killa kanzs with the looted tanks

Haven't got one for the others, because i haven't even played them yet.

With beakies i could hold against this in the first dow and just orb you with scouts protecting the commander and having 4 whirlwinds hitting you why i bottle you up in a narrow space with heavy bolter Beakies.
If i need to kill tanks then i would just dread your rear or dread your main base.
If you have tank bustazs then the whirlies target them as i will eventually find out where they are attacking from.

I am antique_nova ( antique_lord in the past ) from the first three dows.

( am i sound big headed at all? or is the orky konfidence gettin to me biggrin2.gif )
god iz talkin like an ork now after my second post.
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