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Starting combat on bikes

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    Throws the bomb, not the pin.

  • Grotz
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I can't find the rules for Orks on Bikes charging into combat and the rulesbooks are suspiciously lacking. I'm familiar with the normal rules for a model charging a vehicle: charge move, Initiative test to board, fight a HtH combat round against one model, rinse and repeat. But there's nothing in the rules that I can find about an Ork on a Bike charging a foot model. Is it possible that the only way is to run down the foot model and wait for them to get charged in return? Can someone else who has the rules give me a hand?



    Mendin' Squig

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i have been wondering the same thing. opefully there is some one here who can clear it up a little bit



    Shoota Boy

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I have not seen a mention of bikes entering combat. But since they are vehicles in their own right, I guess they can attempt to squash enemies on foot as normal... Thats what we do at least :sowhat

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Da Webork

Da Webork

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Fighters on bikes can't start CC like in 40k. They have, as you mentioned before, to get off their bike and charge another model. Bikes can be target of boarding action and its driver would have to fight in H2H then. ;)
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    Rutted Gob Busta

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1) run over model 2) jump off bike into combat if you miss 3) ??? 4) profit!